Online Database     
Lektronica Computer Services is an imaginary company we created for the purpose of demonstrating a typical online relational database application created with our Masterise™ system. We can program YOUR database to function with your own preferences.

Gil Bates, the owner, started his computer service and installation business in 1990, and he and his staff have made a comfortable living ever since.

Serving the greater San Diego area, the company has a staff of field service techs equipped with Internet enabled 3G mobile phones (pictured below) that are able to exchange data with their online database.

There is also a dispatcher (Andrew Fulton) who sets up the orders and monitors field requirements, a sales person (Nancy Davies), and an office administrator (Margaret Maloney).

The diagram above is a schematic of the system structure. The gear cog in the center represents the central database on the Internet, and each node around the central core represents a remote user (fill color denotes access privilege level). More details here

Click here to see the Employee List and the fully operational, high speed dispatch database optimized with AJAX pre-fetch technology ...

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